film + animation




Project: Lyric Video
Client: My Brothers and I
Role: Video Production, Editing, Type Layout


Project: Branding Videos
Client: Skingasm Cosmetics
Role: Animation, Video Production, Editing
Team: Art Direction by Gina Grimm, Shot with Siena Haz


Cinematography Reel: A short collection of personal and client projects over the past few years. 


Project: Na Na Na Music Video
Client: My Brothers & I (band)
Role: Animation, Video Production, Editing
Team: Shot with David Illyn, Talent - David Wurgler


Project: How it Happens
Client: Patrick Sellin
Role: Video Production, Editing, Color Grading
Team: Poetry and Voiceover by Patrick Sellin


Personal projects

Various personal projects include animation, narrative, and travel documentary films



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